5 Ways To Incorporate Your Furry Friend Into Your Wedding

A wedding is, without a doubt, a family affair. So, why would you have a wedding and leave out the most loving and affectionate member of the family? …Your dog! More and more couples are looking for fun ways to include their furry friend in the wedding festivities. If you’re one of them, we’ve already got a few great ideas for you.

    1. Have a pet-posal. What’s better than getting a diamond ring? Getting a puppy, carrying that diamond ring! Or, if you’ve already got a furry friend, just ask him to deliver the message for you. Cuteness level = 10/10. Odds of her saying yes? One-hundred percent!


    1. Feature them in a photoshoot. Save the date and engagement shoots are the perfect place to let your pup take center stage before the big day. Let’s be honest, your friends and family are much more likely to keep it up on the fridge if there’s an adorable dog in the forefront!


    1. Carry them down the aisle. Traditional bouquets are out, and pet bouquets are in! If your pup is small enough to fit in a basket, why not sub him in for a pricey flower arrangement. Just make sure you have a substitute bouquet on deck if you’re planning to follow tradition and toss it out to you bridesmaids at the reception.


    1. Dub them the ring bearer. If your pet is well trained, tie your rings to their collar and have them shimmy down the aisle as a grand finale to your wedding processional. You’re sure to get a ton of “oohs” and “awes,” and a big slobbery kiss at the alter.


    1. Or perhaps make them an escort. If your pet doesn’t do well walking off-leash, consider having him or her escort a member of the wedding party down the aisle. Just dress up his leash with some fancy flowers and send him on his way. After all, while he may not be best man, he sure is man’s best friend.

No matter how you decide to incorporate your beloved pet into your big day, you’ll want to make sure he or she is in tip top shape for their debut. If you live in the Summit area and it’s been awhile since you’ve taken Fido or Fluffy to the vet for a checkup, never fear — serving all of Berkeley Heights and the surrounding areas, Berkeley Heights Animal Hospital is here!

For more information about our annual canine wellness programs, or to schedule an appointment, call 908-464-0023 or contact us online today.

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